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Our Range


Volere Espresso VO uses a blend of high altitude grown AA grade, Rainforest Alliance approved Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia and India, offering a rich complex and smooth taste profile with subtle chocolate and caramel overtones. VO pours a full bodied espresso with a thick crema and strong intense aromas.


Acidity is a dance of perfection that allows for a memorable espresso but also a smooth, nutty and malty milk based experience. This is the Volere Espresso VO in a nutshell, oozing in smoothness throughout the entire drinking process.,



VOLERE ESPRESSO V2 utilises a similar blend of origins with the addition of a high quality washed Indian Robusta. Presenting with a good weight and body, upfront there is a pleasant flavour of berries which add sweetness. This is pronounced throughout with citrus giving balance with acidity. The blend carries additional notes of dark chocolate which provides a nutty and earthy finish.


The introduction of Volere Espresso V2 was created instinctively with the attitude of delivering a blend with just that,… attitude!


Offering an earthy taste profile, V2 offers the coffee drinker a good ‘heart starter’ all in the while not overpowering the beverage.

V2 packs an additional punch to steadily incise through milk. Pleasant as an after dinner espresso, V2 offers an earthy flavoured finish in milk-based beverages, all in the while meeting the demanding coffee connoisseurs’ strict coffee criteria.


FTO Espresso – Fair Trade Organic Espresso

The newest addition to the Volere family is our Fair Trade Organic (FTO) blend. The blend is made up of 100% Arabica beans with origins from Columbia, Peru and Ethiopia. 


Pouring medium to strong, the blend offers an earthy taste profile with a nutty and malt finish.

FTO can be enjoyed both as a black and a milk based coffee, allowing for the blend’s most tantalising flavours to flourish.