Volere Espresso | Our Story
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Our Story

72Coffee has become the essence of our daily grind, Australia-wide. With over 54% of adults drinking coffee on a daily basis, our coffee culture has matured to an exceptional level of appreciation for remarkable coffee.


The Volere Espresso experience began when three baristas, possessing a vast array of coffee knowledge, barista skills and latte art intricacy, sat down and planned out a precise direction for the brand to follow.


A direction that was much deeper than producing an award winning coffee that would aim to do battle in what has become a very competitive coffee market.

What better way to develop two award winning blends, than to blend a trio of seasoned baristas with a master roaster… the result??? Volere Espresso – made by baristas for the enthusiast.


Months, and years, of roasting, sampling, profiling and research – have marked a gruelling journey to achieve perfection. The vision all along has been one of excellence and not, simply, mediocrity. All in all, the birth of, firstly, Volere VO, followed by Volere V2 – the vision of expert baristas, engulfing the coffee trends of today into two magnificent blends.

The team worked meticulously to develop taste profiles that possess subtle flavours and aromas allowing for a memorable coffee that is also a smooth, possessing a nutty and malty aftertaste.

It is with this sophisticated coffee knowledge and appreciation that makes Volere Espresso La migliore qualità di caffè. Made by baristas for the enthusiast.