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Wholesale Page

VOLERE ESPRESSO branding was created with our clients in mind. The objective is to blend in and complement our customer sites and not overpower or subtract from the sites characteristics.


Hence, the VOLERE ESPRESSO logo and relative branding has been kept specifically simple, subtle and modern, with the predominate colour remaining white to eliminate any potential clash with décor, all in the while remaining clean, fresh and far from suppressing.


Volere Espresso created by us, delivered by us and serviced by us – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At Volere Espresso there is no outsourcing!


MORE THAN 25 MILLION PEOPLE in the tropics depend on coffee farming, a crop that is the economic backbone of many countries and the second most traded commodity after oil. A decade ago, Rainforest Alliance and it’s partner groups in the Sustainable Agriculture Network demonstrated that traditional, forested coffee farms are havens for wildlife